[ Protecting personal information policy ] 
It esteems the privacy and the personal information of customer, and works hard to the appropriate handling and protection at Jungle Studio. 


  1. The brink when the personal information (name, address, telephone number, mail address, order content, the destination, the other) of customer is collected is based on the agreement of customer and collects the information of necessary range. 

  2. Kept from the customer, so being all personal information has no agreement of the person oneself, and doing disclosure does not bring about against the outsider. ( But, it meets this and sometimes does disclosure information by the reasonable reason why it was based on the law when the request exists from the official organization such as the court ) 

  3. The delivery of mail doesn't do from Jungle Studio on the basis of the personal information which was kept. The answer is done in the mail if the mail is transmitted if the question and inquiry were asked for. 

  4. It is equivalent quickly from the customer person oneself if the inquiry of the personal information of customer, revision and others were hoped after it passed through the procedure of the appropriate person oneself confirmation. 

[ About the copyright ] 

The picture which is reported in the site, the copyrights such as design, illustration, the document belong Jungle Studio. It prohibits to be impermissible these and to making use--reproduction, diversion, the sale the second.